Superior Quality
                        • Non-Spillable Sealed
                        • Reliable High Performance
                        • Genuine AGM Battery

Fusion CBG Series batteries are a Gel VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery that is completely sealed, spill proof, leak proof and can be used upside down or on their side. They are manufactured using true Gel Technology and are engineered for frequent cyclic discharge applications under extreme conditions.

Fusion Gel Batteries can deliver 2,400 cycles at 30% DOD and are also suitable for starting & standby applications. They can be used in confined or poorly ventilated spaces and are safe for air travel. The gelled electrolyte makes the battery extremely resistant to vibration and also protects the plates when subjected to repetitive discharge/charge.

We use advanced engineering techniques to ensure that Fusion Gel Batteries remain one of the highest quality gel batteries available in Australia with up to 30% more cycle life than other leading brands. Some of this technology includes using a special lead-calcium plate to boost the grid’s anti-corrosive performance and extend the life of the battery in addition to special microporous gel separators that enhance the batteries performance. The battery also has high thermal resistance and features only the very best safety release valves that almost eliminate water loss completely.

Fusion Gel Batteries are manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001 and come with 12 Months Full Replacement Warranty.

When failure is not an option, insist on Fusion Gel Batteries.

Choosing Gel  or AGM Batteries

In order to choose the right battery for your application it is important to understand the main differences between Gel & AGM battery types. A Gel battery is better suited for regular deep discharge applications (ie 80% DOD), However, due to the physical properties of the gelled electrolyte, Gel batteries are not suitable for colder climates or shallow discharge (ie 20% DOD) and/or starting applications . AGM batteries excel for high current, high power applications and in extremely cold environments. AGM batteries deliver a better dual purpose solution for a combination of starting and accessory power and can also be used as a dedicated starting battery. AGM batteries are designed to have over twice the cycle life of conventional batteries while the Gel type can deliver up to two or three times the cycle life of an AGM battery if used in the correct application like mobility scooters.

General Features

  • High Performance VRLA Gel Battery - Non-spillable
  • Engineered with True Gel Technology
  • Longer Service Life - 2,400 cycles at 30% depth of discharge
  • Best suited for Regular Deep Cycle Discharge Applications - (ie 80% DOD)
  • Can Deliver up to Three Times the Cycle Life of AGM Types - When used in the correct application such as mobility scooters
  • Special Microporous Gel Separators - To boost battery performance
  • Extreme Vibration Resistant
  • Special Cycle Alloy - Extends the life of the battery, reduces self discharging and improves true deep discharge performance
  • Performs Better than AGM Types for Deep Discharge Applications
  • High Thermal Capacity - Reducing the risk of thermal drying
  • Superior Design & Quality - Manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001
  • When Failure is not an Option - Use only Fusion Gel Batteries

Typical Applications

  • Mobility Scooters
  • Wheelchairs
  • Golf Trolleys and Golf Cart
  • Toys
  • Power Tools
  • Solar Power Stations
  • Pump Systems
  • Marine Equipment
  • Caravans, Campervans & Motorhomes
  • Portable Power
  • Medical Equipment
  • DC Power Supply
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Electric Power System (EPS)
  • Railway Signal
  • Aircraft Signal
  • Communication Power Supply
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